Is Psychological Service covered by OHIP?

Psychotherapy provided by psychologists in private practice is not covered by OHIP.


Do you provide direct billing to third-party insurers?

Yes, if the insurer is set up to accept direct billing (Sunlife and Manulife are not).  The complete policy information is required for submission on your behalf.  The difference in fees that is not covered by your policy is paid directly by you.


What is your cancellation policy?

48 hours notice by email or text.

What is the difference between psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists?

Doctoral-level psychologists earn a Ph.D. and have the highest level of specialized training in human behaviour, varying across many domains from biological to social.  The field of psychology is large and varied with a number of specializations within the field such as clinical, school, forensic, health psychologists, etc.

Clinical psychologists are experts in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses.  Clinical psychologists often use psychological instruments (e.g., intelligence, personality, neuropsychological, forensic tests) to assist with understanding the nature of the problem.

Clinical psychologists are also trained scientists who conduct research (e.g., treatment efficacy, brain processes, cognition), teach, and apply the latest research findings in treatment (e.g., rehabilitation, therapy).  Some psychologists provide program evaluation and consultation to businesses, governments, other allied health professionals, etc.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors (i.e., physicians) who have additional training in psychology.  Psychiatrists are experts in understanding the effects of medications on the brain and human emotions and behaviour.  Psychiatrists prescribe medications such as anti-depressants or stimulants, for example, to treat depression or ADHD.  Psychiatrists' expertise in medication management is highly valued particularly in the treatment of severe mental illnesses.

Psychotherapists are regulated mental health professionals who provide talk therapy and counselling.  Training is varied from bachelor- to doctoral-level schooling and includes counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, mental health nurses, and occupational therapists, to name a few.  Psychotherapists by law cannot communicate the diagnoses of mental disorders.  Psychotherapists play a vital role in providing access to mental health care through their work in community agencies, hospitals, as well as, private practices.